Inga Danysz



Public Sculpture

Insufficient Funds

Rootless Rocks and drifting Stones

Slow Works

Deep State

Silicone Paintings

Inarguable Realities


Inga Danysz

born 1990 in Warsaw, Poland

2015 - 2017 De Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL) Post-graduate Residency
2010 - 2015 Staedelschule, Frankfurt am Main (DE) Meisterschueler
2014 The Cooper Union, New York (US)

2017 Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjoerdur (ISL)
2013 Workshop 'Changing Through Collaboration' with Artur Zmijewski, CSW, Warsaw (PL)
2012 Residency, Forum Da Maia, Porto (PRT)
2011 Residency 'Lost Dog', Soho Factory, Warsaw (PL)

Selected Exhibitions


Group Show 'Let's See, Where Were We? In the Pit of Despair.', De Ateliers, Amsterdam Art Weekend, Amsterdam (NL) / Nov
Group Show 'Hunches of Gold and Genius', Husslehof, Frankfurt am Main (DE) / Oct
Reading and Talk 'Neighbours'' Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur (ISL) /Sep
Public Sculpture, Uniklinikum Frankfurt am Main (DE) / Sep
Group Show 'Proscenium Arch', S1, Portland, ORE (US)/ Aug
Group Show 'Is the peacock merely beautiful or also honest', fffriedrich, Frankfurt am Main (DE) / May
Solo Show 'Insufficient Funds', Kunstverein Reutlingen (DE) / May
Solo Shows 'Deep State', De Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL) / May
Book Launch 'Rootless Rocks and drifting Stones', BASIS e.V., Frankfurt am Main (DE) / Feb
Group Show 'Rootless Rocks and drifting Stones', SUPERDEALS, Brussels (BE) / Feb

2016 Group Show 'Slow Works', Sydney, Sydney, (AUS) / Nov
2015 Group Show 'Flawless', Husslehof, Frankfurt (DE) / Dec * Group Show 'New Suprematism', PPC, Frankfurt (DE) / Nov * Graduation Show 'Parked Like Serious Oysters', Museum Fuer Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt (DE) / Oct * Screening 'Area 1, Enter from D. Exits quickly at A, down from B.', Bridget Donahue, New York (USA) / Jul * Group Show 'Uebermorgenkuenstler', Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden (DE) / Jul * Group Show 'Transition', Fiebach,Minninger, Cologne (DE) / Jul * Solo Show 'Alone Again Or', Schmidt & Handrup, Cologne (DE) / Apr
2014 Solo Show 'Inarguable Realities', AMO Studios, 106 Eldridge Street, New York (USA)/ May * Group Show 'Lowlife Extravaganza' 6th floor lobby, 7 East 7th Street, New York (USA) / Apr * Group Show, Catalyst Arts Space, Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)/ Mar
2013 Group Show 'Influence', Galerie 1m3, Lausanne (CH) / Jul * Group Show 'Freak Out', Greene Naftali Gallery, New York(USA) / Jun
2012 Group Show 'Hamlet, mise-en-scene' and performance, Portikus, Frankfurt (DE) / Dec * Screening 'R.I.P.' (2012), CPH:DOX, Copenhagen (DNK) / Nov * Book Launch, 'Tales from the Crypt', 1st Tibilisi Triennal, Tibilisi (GEO)/ Oct * Group Show 'For Your Eyes Only', McKinsey & Company, Frankfurt (DE) / Oct * Group Show at 'Ray Photography Festival', Ehemaliger Boersenverein, Frankfurt (DE) / Jun * Group Show 'Baby I lost my Handshoes...', Forum da Maia, Porto (PRT) / Jun
2011 Group Show 'Lost Dog' Space #61, Soho Factory, Warsaw (PL) / Sep * Group Show 'Superposition' at Beige Cube, Frankfurt (DE) / Apr
2010 Group Show 'Making After Taking', Diamantenboerse, Frankfurt (DE) / Dec

Print Publications
'Insufficient Funds', Inga Danysz, monograph, Kerber Verlag, Berlin (DE, 2017) ISBN 978-3-7356-0376-0
'Metamorphosis of the 21st Century Minotaur', essay, pamplet, self-published, Inga Danysz, Frankfurt am Main (DE,2017)
'Deep State', catalogue, De Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL, 2017)
'Rootless Rocks and Drifting Stones', self-published by Ani Schulze and Inga Danysz, essays, Frankfurt am Main (DE, 2017) ISBN: 978-3-00-055756-9
'Parked Like Serious Oysters', catalogue, MMK, Frankfurt am Main (DE, 2015)
'Hamlet, mise-en-ecene' Portikus, Gladstone Gallery, Sternberg Press, Frankfurt am Main (DE, 2015) ISBN: 978-3-95679-067-6
'Influence', catalogue, 1m3, Lausanne (CH, 2013)
'Tales from the Crypt', short story, 'Mind Games' distributed by Motto (CH, 2012)
'Come On To My Kitchen' 2nd edition - Traveller Edition, J.P.Ringer, (DE, 2012) ISBN: 978-3000396533
'Come On To My Kitchen', J.P.Ringer, (DE, 2012) ISBN: 978-3037642740
'El Barrio De Europa', Paper, Frankfurt am Main (DE, 2012)
'DMZ', self-published, Frankfurt am Main (DE, 2010)


Universitaet Tuebingen, Tuebingen (DE) / May 2017
'No Questions' , The Cooper Union, New York (USA) / Apr 2014

2016 Columbus Advancement Prize for Contemporary Art in Cooperation with ADKV
2016 KUNST AM BAU, Proposal for realisation of a public sculpture, Frankfurt am Main, Germany