coming soon: Laboratorio Aperto
Publication, 2018
Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy

Coming soon: The End is Always at the Beginning
Inga Danysz, Tolouse Low Trax, 2019
vinyl record incl. publication, edition of 80, signed
Mastering: Gordon Pohl, Label Design: n, Voice: James Sobol Kelly

Metamorphosis of the 21st Century Minotaur
Inga Danysz, 2018
fiction, short-story
ISBN: 978-1-38-922110-1
design by Marcus Alasovic

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Insufficient Funds
Inga Danysz, Kunstverein Reutligen, 2018
monograph, catalogue
contributions by: Carla Donauer, Pablo Larios, Christian Malycha, Sylwia Serafinowicz
Kerber Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-7356-0376-0
design by Studio Michael Satter, Marcus Alasovic

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Rootless Rocks and Drifting Stones

Ani Schulze, Inga Danysz, 2017
essays, fiction, non fiction
contributions by: Melissa Canbaz, Inga Danysz, Carla Donauer, Sebastian Muehl, Olga Pedan, Ani Schulze
ISBN: 978-3-00-055756-9
design by Profi Aesthetic (Philipp Moeller, Benjamin Franzki)

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Deep State
De Ateliers, 2017

Parked Like Serious Oysters
MMK, 2015

Hamlet, mise-en-scene
Portikus, 2015
catalogue Gladstone Gallery, Sternberg Press
ISBN: 978-3-95679-067-6

Staedelschule, 2015
catalogue 1m3, Lausanne

Tales from the Crypt
Staedelschule, 2015
short stories

Come On In My Kitchen - Traveller Edition
Robert Johnson, 2012
J.P.Ringier, 2nd Edition ISBN: 978-3000396533

Come On In My Kitchen
Robert Johnson, 2012
J.P.Ringier, 1st Edition ISBN: 978-3037642740

El Barrio de Europa
Robert Johnson, 2012

Inga Danysz, 2010
Photobook, Self-Published